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Course Development Process

The ASU Online course development process is an iterative and collaborative process that includes various stakeholders and support resources. Your ASU Online Instructional Designer should be your primary point of contact throughout the process as they will guide and support you in developing and engaging, enriching and aligned online course. 

Below we’ve outlined the 5 steps or phases of designing, developing and then preparing to deliver your online course. This guide is meant to give an overview of the process in a way that can be viewed by step, provides relevant and timely resources and supports the work you will do with your instructional designer. 

Click each title to view the details of the process that are associated with that step in the development process.


Instructor Readiness

Complete the ASU Online Orientation 30-minute Module within the ASU Online Faculty Center


New Instructors are identified two weeks prior to course launch and automatically enrolled & notified. Link to ASU Online Faculty Center, a support resource for instructors who teach o-courses:


Register & Complete the Master Class for Teaching Online Workshop: An 8-10 hour online asynchronous workshop that is delivered over a two week time frame focused on pedagogy and best practice for teaching online. Master Class is offered four times a year.



Review the ASU Online Faculty Expectations Document 


This document outlines services, design standards, and best practices related to teaching online



Learner Analysis 


Consider who your learners are and what their needs are prior to designing your course. 

Bucketing content can be helpful (military, starbucks, etc)

Guiding questions about who the students may be? Have you considered…

What do your students already know? 

Learner profiles – information about students and their life situations

Enables us to work in equity and inclusion – strategies to help engage learners more

What do you know about your learners and how can you find out more about them

Prompt them to reach out to the program sequence and prerequisite information

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