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In a time when there is uncertainty, unease and disruption, we embrace two of our core values – social responsibility and caring for our community. It is in the spirit of social innovation that we look toward the future and join together to leverage the expertise of higher education community partners by providing support and igniting opportunities for the learners who will benefit from this educational transformation for years to come. We are actively analyzing the future implications of this large-scale shift and refining our current systems, infrastructures and integrated practices to better facilitate access to higher education for all who desire it.

EdPlus, the central innovation department for digital teaching and learning initiatives, advances ASU’s mission in many ways, including collaborating with organizations to ensure every learner has an accessible and valuable pathway to high quality post-secondary education. We value academic quality and student-centric experiences and, as such, we are confident we can work with your academic institution to help you solve for long-term solutions for your students including but not limited to:

  • Consulting on internal capacity building and readiness, including student support.
  • Leveraging our expertise in online and digital teaching, instructional design and academic technologies.
  • Providing access to a catalogue of our fully online courses and 200+ online degree programs.

ASU and EdPlus have a long history of success using digital immersion, supporting more than 50,000 online students in over 2,000 courses. That success is fueled by a talented team with diverse expertise working collaboratively toward a common goal. We can help you discover your own success by drawing on our expertise. Through the success of our partners, we further our own mission of access, inclusion and quality.

We are looking for partners who are serious about piloting academic partnerships in the spirit of access to education. Please submit this form with questions or comments about what you are hoping to achieve to support your institution and students.

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