Similarly to recording weekly overview videos, recording weekly recap videos provides an opportunity to create instructor presence and community within your course.

Weekly recap videos allow for you as the instructor to interact with your students by using this time as a space to address questions or issues students may have run into over the week, bring the week’s themes together, and show how they connect back to the overall goals for the course. Weekly recap videos can also be utilized in conjunction with the weekly discussion, allowing for students to ask questions and you answer them in your weekly recap. 

  • Opportunity for instructor presence and building community
  • Interact with students by addressing challenges students faced throughout the week
  • Opportunity to engage with students questions
  • Connect week’s content with overall module and course goals

The short video below and accompanying handout will go over the following:

  • Why you should record a course introduction
  • What a course introduction should include
  • Best practices when recording

This article, video and handout would not be possible without the talents of Elizabeth Lee, Andrew Bautista, Frank Cordova and Ron Carranza.

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