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Instructional Design Models and Theories: How to Choose the Best Model

Innovation and research are at the heart of Online Learning. Every year new eLearning methodologies and technologies come to light. As such, choosing the best Instructional Design model for your course design can be a challenge. In this UTO Training session on Instructional Design, we examine eight tips to help you select the ideal Instructional Design approach for your next lesson or course.

The tips discussed include: understanding course designers cognitions, utilizing lesson and course learning objectives as a reference point for course design, how to evaluating every aspect of an instructional design model before implementing it, soliciting input from your instructional design team, determining the needs and preferences of learners, gathering course and lesson resources in advance, how to look at an instructional design model with a modern eye, and how to plan your design around the future needs of learners.

Each of these tips provide a solid foundation for determining the instructional design model that will best showcase your course and enhance the learner experience.

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