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Technology Tools Currently Integrated with Blackboard

At EdPlus, our philosophy is that technology can provide instructors and students with the means to succeed in their online courses and meet their career goals.

In the past, we shared a comprehensive list of third-party tools used in ASU Online courses. In this post, we will share the technology tools that are deeply integrated with Blackboard and you can start using today. We will also discuss tools that we are currently piloting and planning on integrating in the near future. 


Zaption helps turn online videos into interactive learning experiences with the aim to engage students and deepen understanding. With Zaption, instructors can add images, text and questions to any online video to help check for understanding and at the same time get actionable data on personal.

We currently have an LTI integration with Zaption which enables Single Sign-On access for all users between Blackboard and Zaption. The integration also allows scores for graded items to be imported into the Blackboard grade center.

Zaption is currently available at no cost to ASU Online faculty and students.

LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor

These products allow us to protect the integrity of online exams. LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down a computer during online exams in order to prevent access to other applications and websites during an exam. LockDown Browser also protects exam content by not allowing it to be copied, and students are locked into the exam until it is submitted for grading.

Respondus Monitor works with LockDown Browser and it adds video monitoring to deter cheating and ensure student identity. The student and the surrounding environment are recorded using their webcam during the exam and instructors can then review the details of each session.

LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor are currently available at no cost to ASU Online faculty and students.


ProctorU is our remote live proctoring option that allows test-takers to take exam from any location and platform. ProctorU connects test-takers with a live person who will verify their identity and walk them through the exam process. ProctorU is available 24/7 and students can schedule to take their exams on ProctorU’s website.

Students pay the ProctorU fee at the time of the exam, and the fee structure is available in your Blackboard course.


Voicethread is a cloud application that enables instructors and students to upload documents, presentations, images and video and invite others to have conversations around each media item. Voicethread can be used in a wide variety of online activities such as presentations, debates, tours, and course introductions.

Voicethread provides detailed reporting and analytics, and we currently have an LTI integration that enables Single Sign-On authentication and grade center integration.

Voicethread is currently available at no cost to ASU Online faculty and students.


Digication is an ePortfolio tool for students to showcase and share their work online with their family, friends, teachers, and potential employers. An electronic portfolio, or “ePortfolio,” is an online digital collection of learning artifacts that form a personal library or museum of an individual’s evidence of learning. ePortfolios can be created for individual projects or can be used to show core competency in courses and programs across the university. The student can set permissions as to who can see and have access to the data in his or her ePortfolio. Students can create an unlimited amount of ePortfolios with unlimited storage. ePortfolios are free to students post-graduation.

New custom development in the ePortfolio software has allowed IRB approved language to be inserted into the student submission process to request consent from the student to donate their work artifacts to research. Students can consent with their name or anonymously and revoke consent at any time. Additionally, the Digication ePortfolio platform provides a robust backend assessment management system which allows for the first time at ASU, a repository of student work. From this repository, we are now able to review student work for course and program assessment and evaluation.

Digication is currently available at no cost to ASU Online faculty and students.

Product Pilots and Future Plans

We experiment with new technologies in order to solve problems that range from content delivery to online participation and student engagement. As part of our process, we work closely with instructors and instructional designers to embed these technologies in the online learning experience. We are currently piloting Yellowdig, Bluepulse and Ucard and have plans to pilot CritViz and ProctorTrack by Verificient Technologies in the Spring.

We are always looking for instructors to collaborate and if you are interested in participating in any of the pilots above please let us know here.