A new ASU Student Help module is now available for all Blackboard courses! The new ASU Student Help Module offers Live Chat with friendly Blackboard team members 24/7, 365 days a year. When students engage the live chat, a help ticket is automatically created providing a record of the technical difficulty and when it occurred.

The new ASU Student Help Module allows instructors to stop being the first point of contact when students have technical difficulties.

The new ASU Student Help Module is available in the HELP tab on the Blackboard home page.

new pic

Additionally, instructors may also add the new ASU Student Help Module directly inside their Blackboard courses.

By inserting the new ASU Student Help module inside your Blackboard course, students can receive immediate support without having to leave the course. The process to add a Blackboard module is extremely quick and easy.

Directions to add the new ASU Student Help module.

1. Click the plus symbol in the course menu (top left corner of any course).

2. Select the module option from the provided menu.

3. Title the new module, then click Submit

directions for adding new module

4. Identify that you have successfully added a new menu item on the left side navigation

Help 4

5. Click Add Course Module

6. You are now inside the module library, please locate and click Help and Support on the left side navigation. Identify the ASU Student Help module and click Add. 

Add module screen shot

7. Congratulations, the ASU Student Help module is now available inside your Blackboard course!!

8. You can add additional modules using the same workflow.

Now that you have added the new ASU Student Help module, we recommend adding information to your course syllabus regarding this new technical assistance. Students can now receive immediate support 24/7, 365 from inside the course! There are a variety of additional Blackboard modules that instructors can add which strongly support both student learning and the overall experience students have in their Blackboard courses. We hope you will consider adding other modules to support all of your courses.

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