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Improve Your Course Videos with Embedomatron

Embedding video in a course can be a messy process. There are a lot of steps and if you use videos from multiple platforms, there is little consistency in size and format. This can quickly make a course media page look like it was put together by Dr. Frankenstein.

Videos before using Embedomatron
Videos embedded in a page without using Embedomatron.

In an effort to help standardize embed code across multiple platforms so your videos always look their best, ASU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has developed a new web app called Embedomatron. It automatically optimizes video for use in course learning management systems by:

  • Resizing all videos to be 650 pixels wide
  • Limiting the amount of corporate branding
  • Preventing “Related Videos” from being displayed at the end of video playback
  • Generating HTTPS embed code for use on the secure pages on your LMS

Embedomatron currently works with YouTube, Vimeo and ASU CLAS MediaSpace/Relay videos. More platforms will be added soon (if you’d like to request a platform be added, please just let us know).

Embedded videos in page using Embedomatron
Videos embedded in a page using Embedomatron look more uniformed and consistent.

To use Embedomatron, simply copy the URL of your video, go to and paste the video URL into the text box. When you click Generate Embed Code, you will be presented with a preview of your video and the option to copy the embed code to your clipboard to be pasted into your course.