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Video Tips

Your course deadline is approaching and many of you will be heading to one of the studios to record your Meet Your Instructor, Course Tour/Introduction, Weekly Lecture and/or Weekly Topic videos. I came across some great advice for making videos and thought I would share.

Here’s a tip for the week: Shorter videos are more engaging—think of the popular TED Talks.

Wistia, the server we are using for many of the videos for your courses, provides a ton of analytics about viewers. I highly recommend watching this 30-second video about video length.

The main takeaways:

  • Shorter videos are more engaging.
  • Achieve engagement with concise content.
  • Consider front-loading your videos with the most important information at the beginning.

What do I wear?

You might wonder about this when it’s time to record. Consider the following suggestions from professionals in the field:

  • Avoid red—it’s the most difficult color for video to reproduce.
  • White will make your face look darker and black will make your face look lighter.
  • Blue is flattering for most people and is the most easily rendered color for video.
  • Avoid patterns, which can cause a wavy effect on camera.
  • Avoid shiny, flashy or dangly jewelry.

If recording at home:

If you wear glasses, adjust the monitor brightness and/or contrast down to a level where you can barely see the screen’s contents comfortably. You only need to do this while you are using your webcam, but this, along with a diffused light source, will eliminate eye glass reflection allowing others to actually see your eyes.

You can schedule studio time with Justin or Robert using the following form.

Video tips from: and Wistia