Radio James is BACK!

Many of us in the instructional design world were panicked recently when our bookmarked link to Radio James Objective Builder came up empty. Our panic quickly led to moans of, “Oh no, now we need to redesign our curriculum resources handouts, workshops, training materials, etc.. Where did Radio James go?”

Designed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Training Manager James Basore, and until very recently hosted by him, his interactive tool to create learning objectives based upon Bloom’s Taxonomy was lauded by the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence, the University of Central Florida, and of course, Arizona State University. The Objective Builder helped teaching faculty write actionable and measurable goals, thereby avoiding the long list of “Students will understand…” objectives that typically litter course syllabi.

Cry no more. Radio James is back at ASU Online.

Thank you James for allowing us to host the files. Your generosity is noted and very much appreciated.


  1. Irma Sandercock says

    This is great news! RadioJames is such a great resource. Props to ASU Online and RadioJames for making this sure this resource lives on.

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