Learnist is a new learning platform that looks a lot like Pinterest. It is highly visual and it allows its users to create curated learning boards on a broad range of topics.

Learnist is created by the folks at Grockit, and as their CEO Roy Gilbert recently stated:

“With Learnist, you can quickly share information with your online network about things you know, get feedback, and collaborate to learn new things. Learnist takes advantage of the incredible surge in free, high-quality educational content coming online. We see Learnist as not just a compliment to innovations in the classroom, though. We think that Learnist will be the best way to organize general non-fiction information around experts and topics.”

There are lots of great examples of how Pinterest can be used in the classroom, but at times it can be overwhelming. Learnist focuses exclusively on curating educational resources from which you can share and get immediate feedback.

Among other things, you may use Learnist to organize materials, collaborate with your colleagues or classmates, and teach research skills.

Learnist is currently in beta-release but you may request an invite on their website. A Facebook account is required.

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